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Our members are professionals whose work in higher education institutions supports and furthers students, faculty, staff, and administrative goals. They have specialized education and training that often includes educational theory and practice, developmental psychology, curriculum design, and/or accessibility/disability issues. They are skilled in counselling, teaching, facilitation, problem solving, and communication. They use their skills to provide comprehensive learning development support through a variety of assessments, methods, strategies, and programs that are developed using scholarship, empirical data, practical experience, and sound pedagogy.

Our members often hold one of the following job titles: academic counsellor, academic skills counsellor, academic skills strategist, academic specialist, counsellor, disability counsellor, disability specialist, disability strategist, education officer, educational counsellor, learning centre coordinator or manager, learning counsellor, learning skills strategist, learning specialist, learning strategist, personal academic counsellor, professional tutor, personal counsellor – education, student services counsellor, or any other title that indicates a similar role. 

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