This committee takes the lead on organizing and hosting LSAC’s national conference to its members every two years, in close collaboration with and supported by the LSAC BOD.

This committee takes the lead on organizing professional development opportunities for LSAC members. This can take the form of suggesting or arrange eKeynote topics or speakers, coordinating trainings, and hosting special workshops.

This committee takes the lead in key communications projects for LSAC, including our annual website review, accessibility audits, and social media.

Ad-Hoc Committees


From time to time, LSAC puts out requests to the membership for support on specific initiatives, for example, the Web Resources Committee (2022) and the Land Acknowledgement and Accountability Statement group (2022).

The Canadian Tutor Standards (CTS) are intended to provide guidelines for designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving tutoring programs in post-secondary environments across Canada.

Meeting CTS standards provides the assurance and confidence that the tutoring program uses the best practices for Canadian academic support services and programs, to suit the needs of students, tutors and institutions effectively and ethically.

Procrastination Awareness Week

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Graduate Student Support Special Interest Group

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New Professionals Special Interest Group

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Please email [email protected] if you would like to join a committee!

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