Upcoming events

    • 24 May 2022
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Online via Zoom (link to be sent out morning of event)

    Title: Relational and Equity-Minded Learning & Assessment


    Description: With a focus on how learning design and assessment can be guided by a foundational understanding of equity, inclusion, and relational ways of being, this session will foster connections among professionals who are either interested in, or actively developing integrated and equity-minded approaches to learning and assessment design. Considering ways that we can be intentional in our work, while centering equitable and relational practices, is especially important as we adapt existing and introduce new online, hybrid or in-person learning experiences for students. Further, we hope to explore how leveraging equity-minded learning design and assessment allows us to consider, interrogate and emphasize theory-informed practices that align with and and continue to respond to social and institutional commitments to justice and reconciliation.  



    Atifa F. Karim (she/her) supports U of T students as the Assistant Director, Career Education at the University of Toronto. Having worked across a variety of functional areas in student affairs, Atifa brings a systems-thinking and collaborative approach to curriculum design and assessment, including a nuanced understanding of the integration of student and academic affairs, and a keen focus on engaging students as partners in curriculum design and assessment. Atifa holds Honours Bachelor degrees in Environmental Studies, and Education from York University, and a Master of Education in Higher Education and Educational Policy from the University of Toronto. 

    Sara M. Wills (she/her) serves as the Program Specialist, Assessment & Evaluation for the Student Experience portfolio at Western University and is a part-time instructor with various Ontario colleges. Sara has worked as an educator in academic and student affairs program design and assessment for over 10 years. She holds a deep belief in the value of intentional co-curriculum design, strengths-based approaches, and assessment practice in creating impactful student learning experiences and building authentic relationships with students and colleagues. Sara earned her Master of Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History from Lakehead University. 

    Together, we have cultivated a truly special relationship, exploring in partnership what it means to be an educator on a post-secondary campus.  Through rich dialogue and collaborative theorizing, we have considered how language and structures can create oppressive barriers in our work; acknowledged how deeply we believe in intentional and effective learning experiences for students; and co-created a framework that centres relationships and equity through each step of the learning and assessment design process. It is a true joy to share our

    philosophy of learning and be a part of learning communities that are committed to engaging in more equitable, and relational approaches to designing and measuring the enormous impact of our transformative work in student affairs. 

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