Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption, for SIS and PWR

Author: Jenae Cohn, Beth Seltzer

Teaching during times of potential disruption requires creative and flexible thinking about how instructors can support students in achieving essential core course learning objectives. This document offers suggestions for instructors in Stanford University’s PWR and Thinking Matters looking to continue offering a student-centered learning experience in a remote or online learning environment.

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Sustainable embedded academic literacy development: the gradual handover of literacy teaching

Author: Lucy Macnaught, Mark Bassett, Vanessa van der Ham, John Milne & Chris Jenkin

It’s about academic literacy specialists potentially ‘getting stuck’ teaching in a limited number of tertiary courses and programs. The article explores issues and options for co-creating and then gradually ‘handing over’ literacy teaching to lecturers. It also investigates relationships between what is taught and who does the teaching on assessment task resubmission rates and the distribution of grades.

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